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On Saturday May 4th 2019 our HFL-Lacrosse Program will be hosting our annual Never Quit Cancer Event for Honeoye Falls-Lima High School and we are asking for your help as we raise awareness and raise funds throughout the community.  Our entire girls and boys programs are participating in this day, players ranging from our 1st/2nd grade teams all the way up through varsity.        

Please help us with our donation this year by purchasing our HFL Never quits cancer awareness shirt.

We will be donating the proceeds from our event to the Brassie family this year!! 

            Kristine was one of the most encouraging, supportive, positive energy forces in our lacrosse family!!! She was usually the one who was supporting others, serving as a team mom, planning tailgate parties, organizing coaches’ gifts and acts of gratitude, and supporting other families in need within our lacrosse family. Now it’s our turn to help out Kristine's family.


Please click on link below to purchase your shirts!!!

Save the Date:

Friday April 26th 7 PM - 10 PM


Registration is now open!  Please sign up below.

Cougar Roar

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